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Silver Lake is a pristine lake tucked just across the Wisconsin border in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Silver Lake is roughly 131 acres, 64 feet deep and crystal clear.

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Important Information

Loons have established a nest along the lakeshore. As of June 11, 2015, one adult is sitting on eggs along the west shoreline of the lake. The area is currently marked with a small buoy (some distance from shore), and Len Jonet says that he will bring up two larger buoys in the near future, to mark it better. If this nest is to be successful, the loons will need to be protected from human disturbance – so boaters and fishermen, PLEASE KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from them when boating or fishing in this area! The nest can be observed with binoculars from the middle of the lake, so there is no need to go much closer, to get a look.

Incubation of loon eggs normally takes about 30 days, before they hatch. We believe this nest was established sometime around June 7th, which means that the eggs will not be hatching until early July. With all of the people that will be using the lake during the busy 4th of July weekend, it is critical that the loons not be disturbed during that time. So please………..pass the word to your neighbors about this nest, and please inform anyone that is boating from your property (including guests) that the nest is there, and that they should stay away from it for at least the next month or so, or until the chicks hatch. After the chicks hatch, the adults will move them to a more sheltered location, and at that time it will be okay to boat or fish close to where they are currently nesting.

If anyone needs more information, please contact me (Bob Evans), or Len and Jan Jonet.

Thanks for your help, everyone! Let’s hope this nest succeeds, and that we have one or two loon chicks on the lake later this summer.

Bob Evans

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Ice is gone!

Yahoooo! Sure sign that summer is coming.  Good time to check your property for standing/stale water that mosquitoes love so much.  We had good weather over the Memorial day weekend but the mosquitoes where bad :-(.  Hopefully they wont be so bad over the summer.




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Easter Weekend Picture

Frozen but beautiful.


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Loon nest platform are in!

photo 1Friends – as many of you know, a pair of loons attempted to nest along our shoreline last spring, near a private dock. The female laid two eggs and began incubating them, but the nest was eventually abandoned, presumably due to too much human activity in the area. This year, in an effort to give our loons a better and more private place to nest, I was able to acquire a loon nest platform (floating island) from the US Forest Service office in Watersmeet, where I used to work. It is a simple floating platform, about 3 ft. X 3ft. in size, made of PVC pipe, covered by screen and fabric. The nest is anchored to the bottom with two ropes tied to cinder blocks. When the ice all goes off the lake, a few of us will tow the platform behind a small boat, and anchor it to the bottom in a location that should be suitable for loons to nest (the exact location is not yet determined). There is no guarantee that the loons will utilize the platform this year, but in my experience, loons are quickly attracted to these platforms, as they resemble small islands. Loons typically nest on islands if they are available, as they offer protection from mammalian predators such as racoons, skunks, and fox.

photo 3

When you are boating on the lake this year, PLEASE STAY A REASONABLE DISTANCE FROM THIS FLOATING NEST PLATFORM. The platform will be placed near the shoreline in fairly shallow water, so it should be readily visible, and should not be a hazard to boaters. When loons are incubating eggs, they are very sensitive to human disturbance. So, someone fishing or just taking photographs too close to the platform can easily spook them off of the nest. If that happens, the eggs can chill within a short period of time, and the nest can fail. So, please keep your distance from the platform when boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, etc..

photo 2 (1)Also, please spread the word to other lake users who do not normally access the Silver Lake POA website, that this loon nest platform will be placed on our lake this year. It would be great if everyone who uses the lake is aware of it, and keeps a safe distance away from it. It only takes one person to disturb the nest for a few hours to cause it to fail, and I don’t think any of us want that to happen.

Let’s hope our loons will take to this nest platform and hatch a couple of loon chicks on our lake this year…….that would be awesome!


If anyone has questions or comments, please direct them to me…..I’ll be glad to answer them.


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Snow on the lake!

Snapped a panoramic of our beautiful lake over Thanksgiving.




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2013 Silver Lake Property Owners Association Meeting Minutes

2013 Silver Lake Property Owners Association Meeting Minutes

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Enbridge Energy

Below are some documents relating to the Embridge Energy discussions we had during our annual meeting.

Here is the letter written urging them to reconsider locating their planned Environmental Valve right next to our entrance road.


An article from the Detroit Free Press regarding findings related to the Enbridge Energy oil spill last summer down near Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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2012 Silver Lake Property Owners Association Meeting Minutes

2012 Silver Lake Property Owners Association Meeting Minutes

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